Kids' Container Gardens

Growing flowers or vegetables is a great way for kids to get outside and have fun.

Container GardeningSooo.... for all those elementary school kids out there, here is an exciting spring and summer project for you next year!

Grow a unique container garden and enter it into the Nechako Valley Exhibition August 20-22, 2010 to win prizes! To learn how to enter your container garden at the Nechako Valley Exhibition visit

Container GardenStart your container gardens in the spring! Be creative! Decorate your containers! Chives in Boots? Tomatoes in Baskets? A Sunflower in a barrel? Spuds in a Tub? For information on how to start your container garden visit (in the search bar on this website enter 'kids container gardening' then scroll down to the Activities section. Lots of different info there.)

Warning: Please do not plant vegetables or fruit in rubber containers because they will leach chemicals into the soil. So, no spuds in tires, just tubs.

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